ARM - problem with configure

Andrew N. Sloss Andrew.Sloss at
Tue Aug 29 17:41:31 UTC 2000

Hi all,

I'm attempting to build a bare BSP for ARM and I'm hitting a
fundamental problem with configure. I'm using:

	Cygwin: 1.1.4
	OS: Windows 2000

When I attempt to "make all" the process starts and after
sometime it reaches the configure file in the following

	/c/src/exec/score/cpu/arm/  configure

At this point the following error message appears:

	<path>/c/src/exec/score/cpu/arm/configure: 526: Syntax error: ")"

If I take a look at line 526 it doesn't include ")". Does anyone
have any ideas or advice about how I could get around this problem
or debug it. I have checked to see if I have mounted everything in
binary mode etc.

Any help or advice would be appreciated,


-- andrew

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