Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Fri May 26 04:07:56 UTC 2000

Erwin Rol wrote:
> "Michael P. Collins on korat" wrote:
> >
> >   Has anyone using a Linux distribution other than Redhat found
> > success using the RPMs on the ftp site?

When Joel and I started developing them, I ran some of them under
SuSE-6.2 for testing.

> > I know of a package
> > called alien which (IIRC) allows packages from various distributions
> > to be converted/decoded/whatever so they can be installed on
> > others, however I haven't tried it.

Well, alien works to some extend :)

> > In my case, I use Debian
> > distributions.  In the past, I've built from source successfully,
> > but the option of installing pre-built binaries is attractive.
> >
> >   Until the ".deb" packages are available, would the RPMs do me
> > any good?

Yes, you might try 

alien -k --to-deb rtems-....rpm

You shouldn't have problems with this under debian. It would be most
interesting to hear any success or failure stories about this (I
know it doesn't work under SuSE).

> Think i saw the .deb's already.
> - Erwin
> BTW: Suse and mandrake _should_ have no problem with RH RPM's.

However, to be able to run these RPMs under most
Linux-Distributions, OAR's RPMS are linked against glibc2.0. This
can introduce some problems with using recent linux distribution
which use glibc2.1 or newer.

Therefore users using glibc2.1+-based linux distributions (e.g.
RH-6.2 or SuSE 6.4) might have to install glibc2.0 compatibility
libraries to be able to run them (You might already have them
installed without knowing about it, because many closed-source
commercial binary-only packages come linked against glibc2.0 for the
same reasons :)


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