PPP was Re: Webserver Graphics in flash.

Matthew J Fletcher mfletcher at serck-controls.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 16:59:49 UTC 2000


>If you have patches to the PPP please submit them.  The PPP
>was merged in the "something is better than nothing" mode.

I noticed, but i dont have patches, just hacks, that might well
break stuff, (but it seems to work ok). I think it would be much
cleaner to do a proper port of ppp2.4.0.

If anyone wants the code i currently have i can mail it directly
(it does work, but its untested on anybody elses kit).

>Jennifer and I have had discussions about converting the IMFS
>a flash based filesystem.  If you can follow some general
>guidelines, then it should not be that bad to accomplish.
>Basically, it needs to (1) not assume it can write directly
>to memory and (2) go through an interface to manage blocks.
>There probably needs to be caching & scheduling layers to
>avoid conflicts on the device.

My ideas are for a pretty full filesystem, it would provide a proper
abstraction layer in the same way that imfs does (i.e user would just do
read/write etc). I was not going to do any caching i was just going to lock
device and have the user re-try (during the erase),..)

But i have got a quite well defined allocation methord. If you could send,..
me the guidelines and and plans you have i will add what i can.

>If you are interested we have prepared a quote for doing
>all this work.  Given a bit of details on what you are
>expecting, we could quickly provide you an estimate.

Err,.. quote ?,.. (i dont know much about the rtems system admitidly)
if you want to mail me privatly about this please do.


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