RTEMS project...

Tuong Vu-Dinh tuong.vudinh at adcomtech.net
Mon Nov 13 21:50:58 UTC 2000


	I would like to become a member of the RTEMS project.
	As for my experience, I have quite an old version of pSOS+ running on a
68K-based hardware designed, built and tested by myself (from scratch).  The
development system that I am still using, if it is such a system at all,
uses Makefiles from the DOS command line.  Also, pSOS+ now no longer exists,
with the recent acquisition of ISI by Wind River Systems.  Furthermore, the
68K-series is now becoming obsolete with the advent of the PowerPC.  So, I
don't know if I qualify for RTEMS, but please advise if and where and how I
can contribute.

Yours sincerely,
Tuong  Vu-Dinh

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