M-Systems Flash Disk compliance.

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Thu Nov 16 02:40:58 UTC 2000

So does RTEMS have a built in RAM filesystem as standard?

>>Hmmm, I originally thought that the DOC was
>>an IDE device;
>No, the Disk-On-Chip is just a standard integrated circuit package that you

>connect to a memory bus.  The usual method of connection is to the ISA bus
>a PC architecture.
>>with the wear levelling alogorithm being internal to the
>>chip and provided by a BIOS extension.
>Correct.  The problem comes because you have to make real mode calls to use

>the BIOS extension.  RTEMS runs in protected mode, so to use the BIOS 
>extension, you would have to switch back to real mode, make the call, then

>switch back to protected mode.  Could get ugly.
>If you aren't going to use the BIOS extension that gets loaded at boot, that

>is when you need the TrueFFS filesystem code. I think that is called the 
>"OSAK," the Operating System Adaptation Kit.  That is provided by M-Systems

>under license.
>-- Chris Caudle
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