Linking problem

Krishna, Buska (IE10) Krishna.Buska at
Thu Aug 23 08:43:28 UTC 2001

Hi all
	I got a strange problem. I am having a  .lib file which exports a
function with 2 arguments, one is a record with three fields and the other
one is a void *.  We have formed the archive file using cygwin. The exported
function is exporting at 16 value. That is, in the export symbols I could
see  function at 16. As I know if there are two parameters in the exported
function, it should be exported @8 only. When I am trying to import the same
function using a C program it is importing this function @16 only. But if,
I import the same function in Ada program by using pragma Import it is
importing @8. So its giving linking problem. What could be the problem? The
source code in the archive  file is written in C. 

Thanks in advance.


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