RTEMS or1k platform port

Ivan Guzvinec ivang at opencores.org
Thu Aug 2 12:23:05 UTC 2001


I'm currently maintaining RTEMS port for OpenRisc1000 platform and I
would need some help in order to get things started. Problem is that
developer that ported RTEMS to or1k platform, AFAIK, decided not to
pursue this project anymore.

I would like to to see if there is anyone interested in helping with the
As this e-mail is being written I'm trying to compile current snapshot
of RTEMS or1k port with very little success. Snapshot comes with no
configure, Makefile.in, aclocal.m4 scripts/files and I can't figure the
right way of building them using autoconf, aclocal, automake,... as I
have almost no experience using these tools.

If there is anyone interested, please take a look at the port source and
post some hints or suggestions on how to deal with this problem.

or1k port of RTEMS can be found at
It should be a working kernel that runs on or1ksim simulator (link to
source and info can be fond on abovementioned URL).
Any questions regarding the or1k platform and simulator can, with great
probability, be answered by me so feel free to ask.


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