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Mon Aug 20 22:56:55 UTC 2001

Angelo Fraietta wrote:

> Do you have a supplier. I am interested in using PC104


The processor board (MOPS/586), the starter kit (PC/104SK-1) (with ISA
adapter) as well as the chip
  disk and ram was ordered from EMJ:

                                       Jumptec url: www.jumptec.com

The DAC board (RMM-4-XT) was ordered from Diamon Systems:


The ethernet module (HS-813) (NE2000 compatible) was ordered from Square One


The prototype board (AX10460) was ordered from Axiom:


I went the crystal site and found a number of driver source packages for
their chip: cs8900. One of the
drivers was for psos. Was'nt RTEMS derived from psos?

Robert W.

> rwas wrote:
> > I'm using rtems with pc104. I am rather green on rtems however. I have
> > successfully compiled and run


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