Porting TCP/IP stack

Eric Norum eric.norum at usask.ca
Mon Aug 27 15:18:37 UTC 2001

Robert Pleh wrote:
> The TCP/IP stack included in RTEMS simce to be to big for our application
> (RAM limitation is 512K).Target used is 68360 processor.
> I think we could live with 150k stack size (code+data+BSS).
> Has anyone ported some smaller TCP/IP stack to RTEMS?
> I'm thinking of porting lwIP stack (http://www.sics.se/~adam/lwip/) to
> Would there be a lot of work to port such a stack to RTEMS? Could someone
> give me some guidelines?
> Or would it be easier to try to reduce the size of included BSD stack?

I ported the KA9Q code to RTEMS a few years ago but dropped the project
when licencing terms became complicated.  I expect that there's lots of
code that could be trimmed from the BSD stack if you're not planning to
support IP forwarding, etc.

My plans at the moment are actually in the other direction.  I'd like to
see about porting the FreeBSD 4.3 stack, including the IPsec and IPv6
code.  I'd also like to bring the full BSD termios code to RTEMS as well
so that select will work on tty file descriptors.  Having the full
termios available might make things like pseudo-ttys and remote console
operation a litle easier, too.

These changes certainly won't make the RTEMS footprint smaller, though!

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