Need help choosing target board...

Maarten.Kruger at Maarten.Kruger at
Thu Aug 23 08:26:24 UTC 2001

Good day,

We are investigating using RTEMS as a real-time embedded operating system
in a life-critical product...  We are currently using the 386EX with no
operating system (which makes me a total newbie to RTEMS).  We would like
to get a "demo" system up and running in only 3 months, preferably using
the powerPC processor...

Can it be done?
Which powerPC evaluation board do you recomend (I would like the quickest,
'easiest' target platform, with the most features, so we can investigate
all the 'nifty' features that we haven't had acces to without an operating
system...  At the same time the product in the end shouldn't be much larger
than 1MB flash and 512K RAM - more or less...  But I'd rather have a bigger
system and make it smaller later...)

Any recommendations?


Maarten Krüger

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