Anybody using Windows 98 for RTEMS GNU tools?

gregory.menke at gregory.menke at
Wed Aug 29 14:34:58 UTC 2001

 > > Good day,
 > >
 > > The getting started .pdf manual states that Windows 95 is not suitable for
 > > compiling and debugging RTEMS in Cygwin...  Since the document is
 > > quite old
 > > - I was wondering if this is still true?  I am using Windows '98 and would
 > > like to use it just to get started with RTEMS until I install Mandrake 7.2
 > > (think this is a good choice?) ...  I would still like to use Windows '98
 > > for other work (can't dual boot all the time)...

Although we don't use Win98 for our cygwin work, we do use NT 4, which
works fine.  I think its very likely Win98 will work just fine.  I
suggest trying it- do something simple like compiling binutils for
your target architecture.  If you can get that working, then you'll
probably be in good shape for gcc & newlib.

We've found cygwin to be pretty slow compared to Linux, but for those
who aren't interested in using Linux, its very helpful to have.

If you're in knots getting cygwin running to the point where you can
start the gcc & friends compilation, I can send a tar.gz of the cygwin
& bash startup scripts we use.


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