Anybody using Windows 98 for RTEMS GNU tools?

Fernando RUIZ CASAS correo at
Wed Aug 29 20:44:22 UTC 2001

Win2K & Cygwin is as good tool as Linux.(Wnt4 the same)
Only a litle trick before build the tools and all runs ok.
The problem is that cygwin is an emulated unix environment and the
comands like 'find' by example spents a lot of time.
Once your bintools are builded and your bsp is ready then the 
application compilation is very fast.
And you have a lot of extra-tools in the M$ environment to 
test the boards and more. 
(My 80c32 emulator by example, the PCB program, and more...)

I have Win2K+Cygwin and  Linux MDK 8.0 with samba to share the sources.

home: correo at
work: fernando.ruiz at

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