network trouble on 68360 (ACE360/HSB)

Steve DeLaney steve.delaney at
Thu Aug 30 04:57:28 UTC 2001

I created the original ATLAS port (which was for the most part fairly minor
changes in the BSP that Eric did), which is now included in 4.5.0

But I haven't tested it in the 4.5.0 tree yet, having since moved on to our
custom target system

Let me know if you are still having problems and I'll see if I can
regression test 4.5.0 on my Atlas HSB.


Steve DeLaney
pacific computing
Wideband Cable, Inc.

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Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: network trouble on 68360 (ACE360/HSB)

>Joe Novosel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have recently started working with RTEMS (personal use).
>> I am using an ACE360/HSB board.
>> Here's my trouble:
>> I'm attempting to use the 4.5.0 release.  (Redhat 7.1 and pd bdm
>> with gdb 5.0)
>> I can get everything working fine except I can't TRANSMIT ethernet
>> I can recieve just fine since MAC addresses are being learned (see below)
>> I get "carrier sense lost" and the packet is thrown away.
>> I have compiled RTEMS with and without support for the Atlas HSB.
>Check that the network driver is configuring the correct pins for the
>68360/MAC adapter signals.   Make sure they're all right -- including
>the transmit and receive clocks.
>The 68360 is capable only of half-duplex ethernet operation.  Could it
>be that something you're connecting it to is trying to do full-duplex
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