network trouble on 68360 (ACE360/HSB)

Joe Novosel jnovosel at
Thu Aug 30 17:59:20 UTC 2001

Yes I'm still having problems.
According to the users manual for the ACE360/HSB board, this is the mapping 
of the IO:

PA0      Ethernet RxD
PA1      Ethernet TxD
PA8      Ethernet TCLK
PA9      Ethernet RCLK
PB12     Ethernet *RTS
PB16     Ethernet link test
PC4      Ethernet CLSN
PC5      Ethernet RENA

With a multimeter I've verified this wiring is correct.
Looking at "network.c" under the gen68360 bsp in the HSB defined section it 
appears that the IO is being set up properly.  (that doesn't mean that 
something somewhere else isn't messing with it)

This board is using the LTX901 PHY.  I even tried tying the link test pin to 
VCC (to disable full duplex as suggested in the datasheet)

The boards that I have were removed from some prototype ADSL modems from a 
company called "Aware."  The board has many chips de-populated so it's 
possible that there might be a "slight" difference in this board vs: a 
"normal" ACE360/HSB.  Since Atlas was bought out, I have no way of contacting 
them to ask.

Any help or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


On Thursday 30 August 2001 00:57, Steve DeLaney wrote:
> I created the original ATLAS port (which was for the most part fairly minor
> changes in the BSP that Eric did), which is now included in 4.5.0
> But I haven't tested it in the 4.5.0 tree yet, having since moved on to our
> custom target system
> Let me know if you are still having problems and I'll see if I can
> regression test 4.5.0 on my Atlas HSB.
> Regards,
> Steve DeLaney
> pacific computing
> Wideband Cable, Inc.
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> Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 4:17 PM
> Subject: Re: network trouble on 68360 (ACE360/HSB)
> >Joe Novosel wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >> I have recently started working with RTEMS (personal use).
> >> I am using an ACE360/HSB board.
> >> Here's my trouble:
> >> I'm attempting to use the 4.5.0 release.  (Redhat 7.1 and pd bdm
> interface
> >> with gdb 5.0)
> >> I can get everything working fine except I can't TRANSMIT ethernet
> packets.
> >> I can recieve just fine since MAC addresses are being learned (see
> >> below)
> >>
> >> I get "carrier sense lost" and the packet is thrown away.
> >> I have compiled RTEMS with and without support for the Atlas HSB.
> >
> >Hmmmmm...
> >Check that the network driver is configuring the correct pins for the
> >68360/MAC adapter signals.   Make sure they're all right -- including
> >the transmit and receive clocks.
> >The 68360 is capable only of half-duplex ethernet operation.  Could it
> >be that something you're connecting it to is trying to do full-duplex
> >transfers?
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