Anybody using Windows 98 for RTEMS GNU tools?

Bogic Petrovic boggy at
Thu Aug 30 09:57:46 UTC 2001

try vmware (

My target is MC68360+RTEMS and remote debugging via BDM (attached at
also work well. My host is Win2000AdvSrv+vmware+RH7.1.


Maarten.Kruger at wrote:
> Good day,
> The getting started .pdf manual states that Windows 95 is not suitable for
> compiling and debugging RTEMS in Cygwin...  Since the document is quite old
> - I was wondering if this is still true?  I am using Windows '98 and would
> like to use it just to get started with RTEMS until I install Mandrake 7.2
> (think this is a good choice?) ...  I would still like to use Windows '98
> for other work (can't dual boot all the time)...
> Is anybody successfull using all the GNU tools in Windows 98 for RTEMS?
> Can you please give me tips for getting started - had problems with
> Cygwin...
> thanks
> Maarten Kruger

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