FTPD crashes in rtems-ss-20010126 with passive mode off

OUTWATER ~ KEITH J /5G3110 vac4050 at cae597.rsc.raytheon.com
Mon Feb 5 13:21:39 UTC 2001

greetings all - 

  I found that when using rtems-ss-20010126, ftpd crashes when I do an 'ls' with 
passive mode on.
  With passive mode off, things are fine.
  I'm using a stock Redhat 7.0 system on x86.  I also applied the ftpd patches 
that appeared recently on the list.
Keith Outwater
Principal Engineer
Raytheon Missile Systems
Tucson, AZ

(520) 794-2518
vac4050 at cae597.rsc.raytheon.com

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