Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Feb 5 12:12:04 UTC 2001

I have had two people say they have BSPs for the FADS823 board.
It would be better to get them all posted at least in the
contrib directory so people could continue work on them.
When someone is satisfied that the BSP works, then it can
go in the main tree.

So put together a tar/patch file with a README with status 
and I will put it in the contrib directory.


Josu Onandia wrote:
> Hi,
> Some time ago I posted this message:
> >>Perhaps someone is interested to know that there is a BSP for the Motorola
> >>PowerPC FADS823 board. It's based on the FADS860 BSP (thanks HongSong Li
> and
> >>Phil Torre). This BSP is still a bit simple, but I'm going to improve it,
> >>with some time.
> >>The developpment is done through the BDM port using the MPCBDM 2-chip
> >>interface from VAS-GmbH and accompanying GDB patches. With the DDD works
> >>fine.
> >>Now I'd like to add to the BSP a device driver for an IDE disk on the
> >>slot, and I would appreciate very much any help or suggestion.
> If I haven't submited this BSP is because I don't consider it has quality
> enough. It doesn't support:
>         - Startup. It needs to be loaded through BDM
>         - Interrupt driven serial line
>         - MMU and cache.
> I have only used the serial line in polled mode (as console) and the TCP/IP
> stack with  FTPD. Perhaps the most interesting part is the support for the
> MPC823.
> I'm afraid this project shifted down in my priority list (with regret) and
> is actually frozen. I would be glad if someone want to take this BSP as a
> base for further development.
> Joel, please tell me if you want it submited, even although it's so basic.
> Josu Onandia

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