<rtems-users-unsubscribe at oarcorp.com> does not work ?

stephane at rochebrune.org stephane at rochebrune.org
Thu Feb 8 08:55:40 UTC 2001

Hi all,

SORRY to disturb the list. I've followed the advised process to 
unsubscribe. (<rtems-users-unsubscribe at oarcorp.com>: Stop receiving 
messages). But it does not work.

My email address is stephane at rochebrune.org (the mailing list recorded 
address), redirected from my actual oleron at wordonline.fr (worldonline is my 
provider). May be the problem is around the redirection. I send messages 
from oleron at wordonline with Return-Path: <stephane at rochebrune.org> & From: 
"stephane at rochebrune.org" <stephane at rochebrune.org> in the header.

I can't figure HOW to fix this and unsubscribe. Please, help me.

Regards from France.

Stéphane Rivière.

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