<rtems-users-unsubscribe at oarcorp.com> does not work ?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Feb 8 13:20:51 UTC 2001

"stephane at rochebrune.org" wrote:
> Hi all,
> SORRY to disturb the list. I've followed the advised process to
> unsubscribe. (<rtems-users-unsubscribe at oarcorp.com>: Stop receiving
> messages). But it does not work.

You are now unsubscribed.  I do not know the details on the ezmlm
side but if you are unsubscribing a different address than you
send from, it is tricky.  It is usually simpler just to get
a list admin to do it. :)

> My email address is stephane at rochebrune.org (the mailing list recorded
> address), redirected from my actual oleron at wordonline.fr (worldonline is my
> provider). May be the problem is around the redirection. I send messages
> from oleron at wordonline with Return-Path: <stephane at rochebrune.org> & From:
> "stephane at rochebrune.org" <stephane at rochebrune.org> in the header.
> I can't figure HOW to fix this and unsubscribe. Please, help me.
> Regards from France.
> Stéphane Rivière.

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