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Tue Feb 20 20:29:16 UTC 2001


 Trying to setup the cygwin environment I find a problem.

Configure has a step to detect whether sh-rtems-gcc is a cross-compiler.

Building a trivial program and trying to execute it a fail detemine that the
tool is a
cross-compiler but...

The compiled trivial program is an executable win32 program (Not valid but
The trivial program hangs up the machine and configure doesn't get the
control again.
Stupid problem but I can't build the generic gensh1 BSP.

The solution is.....???

The same step is placed is several version of configure file inside tree
rtems directory.

I think around automake, m4, ...  I don't known.

The program fails always with all version of cygwin. B19,B20 the last cygwin

The test is very simple.

compiling this:

#include "confdefs.h"  /* a empty file */
int main(void) {
 return 0;

sh-rtems-gcc -o conftest.exe conftest.c

and executing in pc-cygwin environment perhaps the INT5 or ^P activates the
printer output and a big report  is generated. (Garbage of course).

Like I work in W2000 I can cancel the task without problems but the BSP
doesn't exist. And the printer garbage document...

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