Linking against Rom Image

Peter Müller peter.o.mueller at
Fri Feb 23 19:42:39 UTC 2001


some time ago I already trieded to figure out how it is possible to link an 
application against code that is already available in ROM. But it found no 
good solution since then.

The reason why I want to do this is that my application (+rtems) is several 
hundred kilobytes large and developing cycles (download, debug ...) takes to 

Because the rtems code itself is always the same I would like to have it on 
ROM (e.g. starting from 0). The application resides in RAM and is linked 
against rtems located in ROM. So only the application has to be downloaded 
for debugging.

How can I do this? Is there a way to link the app against rtems, but not 
include rtems in the final exe file? Any docu about that?

Thank you very much,

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