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Tue Jan 30 12:05:24 UTC 2001

Radzislaw Galler wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some questions:
> 1. What are sections 'monvects' and 'monram' and why they need so much
> space?
These are related to CMON:

.monvects is the section used for the initial vector table of the
monitor. CMONs ROM'ed code copies its vector table into this section
at startup.

.monram is the section reserved for the monitor (aka "monitor play
area"), before starting RTEMS.

> Looking into *.map file of an application there is nothing in
> these sections.
Yes, this gets initialized from the ROM'ed code.

> 2. I am hacking the console driver in gensh2 to use termios (with
> success - thanks Fernando!). The question is about registering files in
> system. The console driver should be the first entry in drivers table
> (otherwise it doesn't work - don't know why; system uses driver with
> major=0 which is simple SCI driver in current snapshot). When I want to
> link /dev/console to /dev/sci0 (serial port) it has to exist. If I
> register it in console_initialize() it will have major number 0. It
> makes no difference to driver routines because the use only minor number
> but right now I have /dev/sci0 with major=0 and minor=0 and /dev/sci1
> with major=1 and minor=1. Does it make sense?
No, it doesn't.
> Is it dangerous?
Yes. The simple solution is to give your new driver different names.
And to edit the driver tables to your demands (One way to do so is
hidden in bsp.h).

> I did not
> look into another bsp's but maybe there is no sense to make separate
> drivers for console and serial ports.
Forget about console devices.

/dev/console is just an alias for a device with certain
capabilities. It doesn't even need to be a serial tty, it could be
everything (Eg. we had /dev/console linked to a can-bus or
transputer links on our sh1 board.)

> This wouldn't be an issue if the
> console worked independently from the location in the driver table.
Cf. how the driver table entries are handled in bsp.h


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