Stack Checker for 68k

John Bebbington Bebbington.John at
Wed May 23 13:44:10 UTC 2001

Hello RTEMS Users,

Just trying to get the stack checker working on a MC68360 and I get an
"Internal_error_Occurred" when roughly the first task switch occurs in the
system after power-on.

I have defined the STACK_CHECKER_ON so the confdefs.h see it okay.

My question is about the varios "#if 0" sections within the file
/c/src/libmisc/stackchk/check.c in the function void
Stack_check_Initialize( void).

Should I enable these code sections by removing the #if 0 ?
It seems that the call to the Stack_check_Initialize() is not direct in the
bspstart.c (except for ppc and eth com) so the call occurs at the start of
every task.

In general I am a bit confused as to how the Stack_check_Initialize() is
called and at what stage in the power-on. Any help would be useful and
gratefully received.


John Bebbington

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