fs core fixes (was Re: TFTP driver changes)

Eugeny S. Mints jack at oktet.ru
Mon Oct 15 09:58:10 UTC 2001

Please, have a look at my letter to Till with CC to you.
There is the patch to unmount.c: in addition to your
comments for unmount.c below there are: order of unmount_h
and fs_unmounmt_h calls changed and  call
rtems_filesystem_freenode for (&fs_root_loc) added in a
proper(as it seems to me) place in unmoun function.
Call to free fs_root_loc.mt_entry->mt_fs_root in unmount
also removed.

On Fri, 12 Oct 2001,  jennifer averett wrote:

> I am currently attempting to go through the patch.
> Please correct  me if I am wrong about what the patch
> does to each of the files, these will be the comments
> put into the log files.
> utime.c - Added verification that utime is supported by the filesystem
>                Added missing call to rtems_filesystem_freenode
> open.c
> close.c - Modified such that node information remained valid while
>                the node was open.

Are you going to apply patch for these files? It seems to me
the patch
arose disscuusion. For example, I think changes to open and
close are wrong because of ideology. ( see appropriate
letters, please )

> link.c  - Remove calls to freenode when the node was not successfully
> allocated.
> unmount.c - In the method file_systems_below_this_mountpoint added calls to
>                     correctly free fs_root_loc when a failure occurs.
> Note:  The call to free fs_root_loc.mt_entry->mt_fs_root in unmount was removed
> from the patch
> I was thinking of adding a macro that compares two loc nodes
> by using the mt_entry and a call to stat.  This would require
> all filesystem implementations to support fstat_h in order for
> mount, unmount, and rtems_libio_is_file_open to work.  It
> would however remove the problem where node_access
> is being used for node identification.  Any suggestions/ comments?

It seems, this is the right way.
> Jennifer

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