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Fri Sep 28 14:24:09 UTC 2001


Fernando RUIZ CASAS wrote:
>Is you console ready to show characters before call the shell_init()?
>The hieroglyphic are usually a problem of baudrate, parity, etc...
>Printf a "hello world" and flush the stdout before call shell init() and
>test this problem.

Yes it is ready! I can see normal characters before calling start init()
I can´t see normal characters after I call it.

>Execute a termios test in the tests subdirectory and try that your driver
>is a real termios driver.

I´ll do it in the next days. But I think, that it is a termios driver.
Maybe the problem is that I´ve deleted the rtems_driver_address_table? I
some problem with it. But I should say, that I´m not as common with all
rtems configuration. It´s most probably that I´ve to change my

>A little patch has been sended to Joel in order to avoid a
>test in NULL file pointer when the password is read.
>Fernando RUIZ CASAS
>home: correo at
>work: fernando.ruiz at

Many thanks for helping.


Jan Suchotzki

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