Network BSP setup

Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail) fernando.ruiz at
Thu Feb 7 09:27:41 UTC 2002

Hi Eric.

	I'm building a Ethernet BSP with Realtek 8129AS (ne2000 compat) and Hitachi
SH1 7032.
	I have a lot of availiable memory and the TCP stack works until arp pkgs
(ETH type 0x806)
	When the 0x0800  (Ip packages) are eth_input()'ed and ip_input()'ed the
system hangs.

	From a ping of workstation the first arp pkgs are answered and the arp
table of workstation is updated
	with tme MAC and IP adr but the new arrivals hangs up the BSP.

	Please Tricks? Debug points? First things to see?
	I have read the network suplemnent and I have made all what your say there.

	I waste a lot of time to setup a software that works very well in pc386 but
I can't setup in my BSP.

	Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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work:fernando.ruiz at

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