Rtems Rebuild Remake Question

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Tue Feb 26 04:51:44 UTC 2002

Am Die, 2002-02-26 um 03.18 schrieb Ian Caddy:
> Hi Bill,
> The trick here is to use a script file called bootstrap.
> When you change the makefile of any part of your BSP, you will need to run
> the bootstrap command from the root source directory.
> In our system this is:
> /rtems-4.5.0
> now from this directory run:
> ./bootstrap
> This will walk its way through the RTEMS tree rebuilding your makefile.am to
> makefile.in
Try adding --enable-maintainer-mode to your configure-options, then all
this is supposed to happen automatically.
Eg. if having edited your <BSP>/Makefile.am (Adding/deleting files)
cd build/<...>/<BSP>
will rebuild Makefile.in etc.

[There exist some broken BSPs where this doesn't work.]

Furthermore, it is sufficient to run bootstrap from the directory which
contains the configure.ac/in which is responsibile for the file you have
[Editing [...]/<BSP>/driver/Makefile.am
cd [...]/<BSP>

> Once this has completed, (actually, once it goes past our BSP, we stop the
> process), you will then need to do another configure in your base build
> directory.
Try adding --enable-maintainer-mode. 

Then in most cases, running "make" is sufficient. If it doesn't work,
(General exceptions are BSPs containing "tools" - A known general bug in
RTEMS configury - and adding directories - A known general limitation of
the auto*tools), running bootstrap from the directory with the
configure.ac related to the edited Makefile.am should be safe.


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