Rtems Rebuild Remake Question

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Tue Feb 26 04:53:07 UTC 2002

Am Die, 2002-02-26 um 00.30 schrieb Bill Butler:
> All, 
> The current build I'm working with was built with --enable-multilib, and
> got it to work. After asking how to use this, I was informed it was not
> quite ready
This is a miss-interpretation/information. 
--enable-multilib in RTEMS-snapshots is supposed to be functional in

* multilibs-support in RTEMS is not evolved to the extend to render it
applicable to shipping cpu-specific binaries (This is the aspect Joel,
Chris and OAR have emphasized).

* Building multilibs builds sources for a wide variety of possible
compilation flags, therefore triggers hidden bugs inside of the
source-code and of the toolchains where they don't show for selected
non-multilib builds.

* There exist problems with some targets, which prevent multilibs from
being applicable to theses targets.

> (and it takes a long time to build),
That's right, building with multilibs enabled builds all multilib'ed
parts of RTEMS (currently c/src/exec) for all multilib variants of gcc.
Depending on the number of multilib-variants a target supports, this can
largely increase the amount of time required to build.

> I am moving back to
> >configure --target=m68k-rtems --enable-rtemsbsp=sbc5307
> --prefix=/opt/rtems
> >make all
> > make install
> But my question is this.
> I am tweaking my bsp and adding / deleting files (network) and would
> like to know what should be done when changing the makefiles.
Why would you to this? Just add --disable-networking if you don't want
the networking parts to be build.

Otherwise, if working on files inside of the source-tree, you might want
to apply --enable-maintainer-mode (cf. my other mail).

> Currently
> I have had to delete the build directory and reconfigure/make.
> I tried several things to get the new ...Network/Makefile to move from
> the src directory to the build directories. I failed miserable and
> deleted the build directory and rebuilt.
> Here is what I tried.
> > Goal: to NOT use network.c ns8390.c and to USE ne2k.c in BSP.
> 1) edit src...network\makefile.am reflecting change
> 2) automake network\Makefile
> 3) cd to build directory 
> ...getting fussy here
> 4) make all..??
> 4a) autoconfig??

You probably want to read http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/


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