I want to use the RTEMS. Advise me an OS.

Dmitrii Shirokovskij shirokovskij at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 4 10:39:26 UTC 2002

I just started to use rtems. My BSP = pc386,
target=/i386-rtems, and I would like to find out which
OS you can advise to use for programming. Here, I'm
using W2K and Cygwin, make program under cygwin by
i386-rtems-gcc, copy file (for ex.: sample.exe) into
floppy disk with GRUB, and reboot computer for
checking out it works. Etc. But it is (of course) not
so comfortable. So, maybe you advise me something use
for programming with? I mean OSs alike Linux, FreeBSD,

Sorry for my English.

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