I want to use the RTEMS. Advise me an OS.

Gerke Kok TPA gerke.kok at tpa-nl.com
Thu Jul 4 11:04:40 UTC 2002

You could try to setup a Bootp Client on your testmachine (when you have 
a network i.e.) You can get EatherBoot:
*Don't* be put of by the fact that it calls it self somthing for ROM 
images because there is a way to put this on flopy. You can them setup a 
TFTP server on W2k and a DHCP server as wel (checkout 
 http://www.hanewin.de/dhcp-e.htm for a nice shareware one for windows) 
The man that made the DHCP server also has a TFTP server lined-up for 
you. All as shareware... He is verry hapy to help you use it!

Dmitrii Shirokovskij wrote:

>I just started to use rtems. My BSP = pc386,
>target=/i386-rtems, and I would like to find out which
>OS you can advise to use for programming. Here, I'm
>using W2K and Cygwin, make program under cygwin by
>i386-rtems-gcc, copy file (for ex.: sample.exe) into
>floppy disk with GRUB, and reboot computer for
>checking out it works. Etc. But it is (of course) not
>so comfortable. So, maybe you advise me something use
>for programming with? I mean OSs alike Linux, FreeBSD,
>Sorry for my English.
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