problems with latest snapshot

Jean-Baptiste Maillet jmaillet at
Thu Jul 4 16:21:16 UTC 2002

Jean-Baptiste Maillet a écrit :
> On the technical side :
> I confirm that the plain vanilla unmodified efi332 BSP from the 20020301
> snapshot build like a breeze. In fact I've been much impressed by
> OAR/rtems so far. Also built the UNIX/POSIX BSP on 3 different machines
> without much troubles.
> But I noticed 2 pbs during porting from efi332:
> 1 - a sed script in the efi332/start directory. This makes start.c that
> it processes very fragile to editing. The script author says it's
> because he's gas break on '|' used in masks. I suspect it's because m68k
> gas uses by default '|' as a start comment character, but it's a bit to
> obvious... did not tried to fix it for now, just lived with it.
> 2 - lack of dependencies on some headers file, like efi332.h. A modify
> of this file is not enough to triger a rebuild of involved c/objects.
> Then again, not fixed for now but this is much more painfull.

I should also mention that efi332 console code uses CTS and RTS (trough
PORTF I/O of the 68332 wich just as TX/RX), but these signals are not
available on the serial port of an efi332 board if I judge by the
documentation available on the efi project web site. But I understand
that efi332 used different hardware along the time. Any efi332 board
user on the list? What's the status?
JB Maillet

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