ARM7TDMI debugging with GDB (Insight)

Charles Steaderman charlies at
Mon Jul 29 20:40:12 UTC 2002

I now have a BSP for my hardware with installable interrupts. The 
problem is that I cannot debug using Insight (GDB). I am using a Jeeni 
from EPI. Whenever I try to debug my application (or the test apps -- 
i.e. ticker), I get either processor exceptions or the app restarts 
continuously. It seems to be related to time based task switching (i.e. 
rtems_wake_after(...) in ticker). If I download my application into 
Flash on my hardware everything seems to run fine -- its just that 
printf's are not the most desirable way to debug :-). Has anyone seen 
this kind of behavior before?

- Charlie

Charlie Steaderman
charlies at
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Poliac Research Corporation
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Cel: 612.242.6364

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