how to load application by rdbg???

David wu rtemswq at
Tue Jul 30 08:41:47 UTC 2002

hello all,
I have modified file /netdemos-4.5.0/netdemo/init.c
adding rtems_rdbg_initialize(); 
after rtems_bsdnet_initizlize_network();

and then i can run netdemo.exe on target (i386
pc386),remote debug netdemo.exe useing b,c,info
thereads ...command via network,(host is redhat
but how can i download my host application to
target,and can i change the application runing on the
target easily .

other operations :
i386-RTEMS-gdb netdemo.exe
<gdb>setrpcmode sun
<gdb>setdaemontype rdbg
<gdb>target rtems
<gdb>attach 1
Attaching remote machine across net ...
connected to
now the "run" command will start a remote process.
[switching to process 134283273]
0x1301f5 in enterRdbg()
<gdb>info thereads

                   David wu


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