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Thomas Rauscher trauscher at
Wed Jul 10 07:34:46 UTC 2002

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Charles Steaderman wrote:

> I am trying to configure the ARM bare BSP using snapshot ss-20020301 and
> cannot seem to pass custom CFLAGS. Without them, the samples and tests
> compile and build without a problem, but things like arm cpu (arm7tdmi),
> endianess, etc. are incorrect. The following is the configure syntax
> that I used:
> $ ../rtems-ss-20020301/configure --target=arm-rtems --disable-posix
> --disable-networking --disable-cxx --enable-rtemsbsp="arm_bare_bsp"
> --enable-tests --enable-bare-cpu-model=marm7tdmi
> --enable-bare-cpu-flags="-mcpu=arm7tdmi -msoft-float -Wall -Wno-format
> -nostdinc -fno-builtin --pack-struct"
> I am developing under Cygwin using the arm-rtems-gcc package for Cygwin
> from oarcorp. Any ideas?


we've developed an ARM BSP for RTEMS 4.0 and unfortunately didn't
track the actual snapshots so that our current BSP is somehow incompatible
to the snapshot designs, but I remember similar problems.

Here are some ideas:

* Try something like (this one helped on CYGWIN)
  CPP_FLAGS="my options" ../rtems-ss-20020301/configure ....
  C_FLAGS="my options" ../rtems-ss-20020301/configure ....
  CXX_FLAGS="my options" ../rtems-ss-20020301/configure ....

* Maybe you need to modify the GCC specs for your particular CPU.
  We had problems with 'as' options. A trick is to add extra
  specs to the target-specs in arm.h (gcc source tree). For example

  #define ASM_SPEC "%{mbig-endian:-EB} %{mcpu=*:-m%*} %{march=*:-m%*}
                    %{mapcs-*:-mapcs-%*} %{mapcs-float:-mfloat}
  #define ASM_FLOAT_DEFAULT_SPEC "-mno-fpu"

  and add it to the spec array

    { "cpp_interwork_default",  CPP_INTERWORK_DEFAULT_SPEC },   \
    { "subtarget_cpp_spec",     SUBTARGET_CPP_SPEC },           \
+   { "asm_float_default",      ASM_FLOAT_DEFAULT_SPEC },       \

  Basically this can also be done in the bsp_specs file, but
  configuring RTEMS would fail anyway as the compiler checks would
  fail without this hack. Alternatively,

  CFLAGS="my options" configure ......

  maybe also works.

* Check that all parts use the same version of the multilib.

* Is --enable-bare-cpu-model=marm7tdmi    a typo?

I hope something of that is useful for you,

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