ARM bare bsp

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Wed Jul 10 07:57:41 UTC 2002

Am Die, 2002-07-09 um 19.34 schrieb Charles Steaderman:
> I am trying to configure the ARM bare BSP using snapshot ss-20020301 and 
> cannot seem to pass custom CFLAGS.
At present time the only way to custom CFLAGS to a BSP is to change the
settings in it's custom/<BSP>.cfg.

> Without them, the samples and tests 
> compile and build without a problem, but things like arm cpu (arm7tdmi), 
> endianess, etc. are incorrect. The following is the configure syntax 
> that I used:
> $ ../rtems-ss-20020301/configure --target=arm-rtems --disable-posix 
> --disable-networking --disable-cxx --enable-rtemsbsp="arm_bare_bsp" 
> --enable-tests --enable-bare-cpu-model=marm7tdmi 
> --enable-bare-cpu-flags="-mcpu=arm7tdmi -msoft-float -Wall -Wno-format 
> -nostdinc -fno-builtin --pack-struct"

You seem to be mixing up two things here: The "arm_bare_bsp", which is
just a confusingly named BSP, and the "bare"-BSP which is not an actual
bsp, but a custom way to build RTEMS-BSP-specific parts without having
an actual BSP.

I.e. if actually wanting the "arm_bare_bsp", you have to edit the

If wanting the "bare" BSP you must specify --enable-rtemsbsp="bare".
Then, --enable-bare-cpu-model and --enabe-bare-cpu-flags are supposed to
be recognized.

Alternatively, you can implement a make/custom/bare-<something>.cfg and
pass --enable-rtemsbsp="bare-<something>" to build a "bare"-BSP with
custom settings picked up from bare-<something>.cfg.
(Note: This feature is intentionally undocumented, is poorly tested and,
though there are not any plans to do so, might go away any day.)


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