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Chris Johns cjohns at
Fri May 10 04:08:03 UTC 2002

Glen M Cornell wrote:

> Is there a utility or procedure to convert a directory of files into an 
> in-memory file system?

What I have done with a m68k target is make a tar file (not compressed) of the files to serve. Then run:

   m68k-rtems-ld -r -o pages-tar.o -b binary pages.tar

linking pages-tar.o to my application. In the code do:

#include <ftpd.h>
#include <rtems/untar.h>
#include <rtems_webserver.h>
#include <rtems/monitor.h>

 * These are created by the linker when linking a binary file.

extern int _binary_pages_tar_start;
extern int _binary_pages_tar_size;

struct rtems_ftpd_configuration rtems_ftpd_configuration = {
   175,         /* FTPD task priority            */
   1024,        /* Maximum buffersize for hooks  */
   21,          /* Well-known port     */
   NULL         /* List of hooks       */

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  Untar_FromMemory ((unsigned char *) (&_binary_pages_tar_start),
                    (int) &_binary_pages_tar_size);

  rtems_initialize_webserver ();

  rtems_initialize_ftpd ();

  rtems_monitor_init (0);
  rtems_task_suspend (RTEMS_SELF);

  return 0;

  Chris Johns, cjohns at

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