CFP: Embedded and OS Track at FOSDEM

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Fri Nov 1 18:20:51 UTC 2002

I thought some of you might be interested in this
announcement I came across. If any users can participate,
it would be a good thing.  

Are there any Belgian RTEMS users? :)



From: Wim Vandeputte (wvdputte at
 Subject: Call for papers: Embedded and Operating Systems track at
FOSDEM 2003 
 Newsgroups: lucky.openbsd.misc
 Date: 2002-10-21 06:14:05 PST 

Forwarded at the request of Peter:

Dear all,

Attached is the Call for papers for the Embedded and OS track
on the upcoming fosdem 2003.

In the coming days, members of the Program Committee will submit 
it on a number of embedded developers lists (please do not submit 
it yourself to those lists to avoid duplication).


Peter Vandenabeele


8 - 9 February 2003, Brussels

Call for papers.

The 2003 edition of FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers' European 
Meeting) will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 8 and 9 February 2003. 
Embedded and realtime systems are among the fastest growing fields of 
R&D where Free Software solutions become important. Operating System 
development has always been a very important topic in Free Software. 
As embedded and realtime systems typically have special OS requirements, 
we organise this Free Embedded and OS development track at the FOSDEM.

This track at FOSDEM provides a remarkable opportunity to present the 
ongoing work in these areas, and we invite developers to present their 
current projects. Technical topics of the conference include but are 
not limited to :

- Free Software OS Development : kernel architecture and implementation
  - Linux (GPL)
  - *BSD (modified BSD = Free SW)
  - the Hurd (GPL)
  - L4 (GPL)
  - ...

- Free Embedded Development : tool chains and project cases
  - emdebian (GPL)
  - embedded projects based on free software
  - ...

- Free Software Real-time extentions to Linux
  - Adeos (GPL)
  - ...

- Free Software real-time OS's
  - eCos (ECOS 2.0 license = modified GPL = Free SW)
  - ...

- Free Software JVM's
  - Wonka (modified BSD = Free SW license)
  - Kaffee (GPL)
  - ...

- Free hardware designs.
  - LEON Sparc (Free HW license)
  - "" projects (Free HW licenses)

- Portable (system) programming
  - generic issues in portable programming (endianess, wordsize, ...)
  - system level issues (non-coherent I/O, Out Of Order Execution,...)
  - ...

- Free Software GUI's for embedded systems
  - Qt (dual license)
  - gtk (LGPL)
  - ...

Authors are required to submit their abstracts online to 
embedded at before 16/12/2002. Notification of receipt will be 
sent within 48 hours. Authors wishing to submit a paper (between 6 and 
12 A4 pages), can do so in PS or PDF format. 

The Program Committee will evaluate the abstracts and consists of:

- Peter De Schrijver, CTO Mind, Linux/eCos developer 
- Herman Bruyninckx, Professor at K.U.Leuven, robotics development
- Michael Vogt, Debian project, Debian developer
- Gary Thomas, eCosCentric, eCos/Linux developer
- Neil H. Walfield, GNU project, Hurd Developer

Peter Vandenabeele, acts as organiser for this track and non-voting 
secretary of the Program Committee. All communication should be 
addressed to embedded at
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joel at                 On-Line Applications Research
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