rtems 4.5.0 + filesystem

Oliver Wohlmuth oliver.wohlmuth at motorola.com
Mon Nov 4 12:11:25 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I'm working with rtems 4.5.0 and tried to integrate FAT filesystem support.
When trying to build the "libblock" library, I found that it expects OS calls
(e.g. CORE_mutex_Seize()) and headerfiles (e.g. for macro _IOWR) from the
rtems snapshots.

We are running rtems 4.5.0 on a custom HW, so before porting the BSP and CPU specific
code from rtems 4.5.0 to the latest snapshot, I would like to understand how stable
the current snapshort is. By stable I mean
  - are OS calls likely to be changed ?
  - will future rtems snapshots require BSP or CPU specific code to be reworked or
    can I just copy in the code used in the previous snapshot ?

Thanks for you help,

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