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Steven Grunza steven_grunza at
Wed Nov 6 18:48:42 UTC 2002


I'm currently working on changing my Excimer BSP from the "old" exception 
model to the "new" exception model.

My previous attempt at a BSP for the Excimer booted but ran into low-memory 
problems since there is only 1MB of RAM on the Excimer and the combination 
of MDINK 32and DINK32 ate most of that.  (For those unfamiliar with the 
Excimer it has 1MB of RAM and 4MB of Flash, a NS16552 DUART, and a 
PPC603e.  Mine has been modified to use a MPC745B processor)

While working on the low-memory problem it was suggested that I change my 
BSP to be based on "a PowerPC BSP with an irq subdirectory or CPU model 
name as mpcXXX".

I'm currently failing to compile due to mpc8xx_set_exception() being an 
undefined reference.  It seems like it should be undefined since I don't 
have a mpc8xx CPU.  I'm trying to figure out what that code does and what 
my code should do instead.

   My code is based on the rtems-ss-20021007 snapshot

   Feel free to contact me directly at either steven_grunza at or by 
way of AIM / gAIM as StevenGrunza

Steven G.

At 12:13 PM 11/6/2002 -0600, Joel Sherrill wrote:

>I thought someone else was working on this and that
>this was a question better asked on the list.
>Mohammad Rahman wrote:
> >
> > Dear Sir,
> >  I am a master student studing in a university in
> > Germany. Right now I am working with    RTEMS. I have
> > downloaded binutils, gcc, newlibs and rtems staffs and
> > have installed those gcc stuffs successfully. I am
> > using Motorola Excimer 603e PowerPC Board. I followed
> > all the documents on your web side and inside into the
> > RTEMS folder. But I did not find anything hint to find
> > my target BSP for my Excimer board. So, just to know
> > how to install RTEMS, I have used papirus BSP and that
> > was ok.
> >  So, right now I have to proceed on configure with the
> > BSP of Excimer Board. But I do not find any sugguested
> > way.
> >  If you can help me from the very begining point of
> > how to configure a new BSP just with hint, then I hope
> > I can go on. I will be highly pleased and greatful if
> > I get any good suggested way from your side.
> >  Sincerely yours,
> >  Mahfuzur Rahman.
> >  Bonn, Germany.
> >
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