RTEMS configuration problems

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Thu Nov 14 01:49:40 UTC 2002

Am Don, 2002-11-14 um 00.17 schrieb Wulf Hofbauer:
> Hi,
> while trying to build the 20021111 RTEMS snapshot, I observed
> several problems with the configure scripts.
> o The --program-prefix option seems to be ignored. The
>   configuration script invariably tries to access ($TARGET)-gcc.
>   The order of the --target and --program-prefix options doesn't
>   seem to matter.
Right, --program-prefix is a generic autoconf option, which is
meaningless for toplevel configure script and should not be used.

> o The environment variables CC_FOR_BUILD, CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD,
>   break configure. Example (in bash):
>       CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET=-dummy ($SRC)/configure
Yes, this is a bug in the toplevel configure script. Thanks for the

>   results in the configure script barfing eventually
>       configure: CFLAGS=-dummy: command not found.
>   and configure fails after that.
> Am I doing something wrong here?
> Or is configure really that broken?
Is this a snapshot and we are trying to sort out bugs or is it just
ranting ;) ?


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