Problem building the ss20021007

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Thu Oct 24 11:27:07 UTC 2002

Am Don, 2002-10-24 um 11.27 schrieb Joe Samuel:
> Hi,
> 		I think a bit more explanation is needed here. When
> I specified the target as i686 (which is the host
> platform), the process went without any glitches. If
> the PATH is the problem how could this happen? How ar
> and gcc could be resolved?
Basically building RTEMS requires a build-host toolchain and a
functional target toolchain.

To distinguish both toolchains, a strict nomenclature is used:
* cc, gcc, ar, as, etc. are supposed to the native toolchain.
* <target>-cc, <target>-gcc, <target>-ar etc. are supposed to be the
target tools.

Building RTEMS then follows the same building conventions as the
GNU-toolchain does (--build, --host, --target).

In a standard configuration you normally only specify --target=<target>,
where <target> is the program-prefix the cross-tools are prefixed with.

I.e. if building RTEMS for i386-rtems on an arbitrary host OS you would
configure --target=i386-rtems ....

This will cause the configure scripts to look for i386-rtems-gcc,
i386-rtems-ar etc. to be used as target tools.

In a standard setup, you normally would not want to set --build= or
--host= unless you want to build RTEMS Canadian-Cross (cf. README.cdn-X
in RTEMS toplevel directory)

>        Are there any changes need to be made before
> making for a different target. If so what are they?
> thanx for your time.
Building for a different target (CPU) normally means to setup another
build-tree and using a different --target=<target>.


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