ARM patches

Jay Monkman jtm at
Thu Sep 19 17:25:33 UTC 2002

Here's some patches to the 20020807 snapshot for ARM.

patch-arm.diff     - fixes a sign extend problem with CPU_swap_u16
patch-irq.diff     - fixes interrupt handling to work with FIQ
patch-net.diff     - fixes for the alignment requirements for ARM
patch-ipalias.diff - Adds IOCTLs to support IP aliasing

The remaining patch, patch-netbuf.diff, is experimental. It adds
support for MBUF and cluster allocation functions so that a system can
get it's network buffer memory from someplace special. This requires a
change to the Configuration structure. I'm sending it out mainly for

I have not tested this with this snapshot, I've been using the
20020301 snapshot, and have a fully working system on an ARM9.

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