ping (cont)

Charles Steaderman charlies at
Mon Apr 14 18:21:59 UTC 2003

Just a quick update and another few questions.

1) I was able to get ping.c from OpenBSD integrated with a wrapper 
function (similar to the ttcp implementation). Unfortunately, ping does 
NOT clean up after itself. It allocates a buffer for the packet data 
which is never free'd and it never closes its socket handle. Apparently 
it relies upon the operating system to cleanup when the program exits. 
Aarg. If the ping_main() function were wrapped into an RTEMS task which 
deleted itself when complete, would the allocated memory and socked 
handle be returned? For now I hacked the ping.c source and perform the 

2) I am still trying to figure out how to handle signal notification. 
When a signal timer expires, how do I get the current function pointer 
associated with the particular signal?

Any direction, especially for question 2 would be greatly appreciated.

- Charlie

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