Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Mon Apr 14 18:16:50 UTC 2003

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> gregory.menke at wrote:
>>It seems there may have been patch problems with this snapshot.  The
>>link problem can be resolved by modifying file
>>making line 323;
>>extern int _BSP_vme_bridge_irq;
>>as this variable is also defined and set in vme.c.  I have sucessfully
>>re-run our software on the mcp750 with this change in place- should be
>>fine as its not a vme board.  Hopefully someone can test this snapshot
>>on a vme system.
> Thanks Greg.  Without being sure, I put the extern in vmeconfig.c.  
> I think this is the area in the code where I ran into patch rejects.
> Hopefully Till will tell us which solution is the one he wants.

On 2003/03/21 I moved _BSP_vme_bridge_irq from shared/vme/vmeconfig.c
to shared/irq/irq.c. My log says:

    define _BSP_vme_bridge_irq in 'irq.c' rather than vmeconfig.c
    to avoid vmeUniverse being linked even if vmeconfig()/vmeUniverse
    is not used otherwise (that's actually the whole purpose of
    the _BSP_vme_bridget_irq variable).

Hence line 323 (this line number is prior to applying #377) should be

int _BSP_vme_bridge_irq = -1;

and any definition of this variable should be removed from vmeconfig.c

The patch addressing this issue was #349.1


-- Till


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