RTCC, licencing issue & the ticker problem

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 3 02:51:05 UTC 2003

Salman wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>With thanks to all, I managed to successfully finish my final year
>project aimed at implementing an RTCC (real-time compute cluster).
>In simple terms, ported SCI drivers on RTEMS, and wrote a simple
>application (with inclusion of shared lock) for cluster computing.
>(on pc386 bsp)
>I still have to tidy up the source code, but it shouldn't take long.
>1. Unfortunately since driver includes some Dolphin SCI driver files, it
>would, I presume, (overall) be GPL licenced.
>Has anyone come up with any ideas as to what is best to do with these
>GPL licenced stuff?
>My suggestion would be for Joel to setup a page on his website
>indicating the GPL (and other) licenced codes which are implemented for
>RTEMS plus their source code.
>In this way, we can have the RTEMS as before, but users are advised to
>look at Joel's website for additional code with various licences.
>2. I am still hacking around a problem which i'm experiencing with the
>pc386 bsp and my drivers.
>It seems that the ticker example is a shorter version which can
>re-produce the problem (as discovered by Angelo Fraietta as well).
>Has anyone been able to identify or resolve the problem? or is this
>common to just Angelo and I?
>(FYI my host is linux and I'm using RTEMS Version ss-20030128)
No, others have had this problem also. I have found that using gcc 3.2 instead of 3.2.1 worked for me.
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