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> These papers are are now int he references list at:

Fraietta, Angelo. "The Smart Controller." 
<> Sounds Unlimited: building the 
instruments: Sounds Australian -- Journal of the Australian Music 
Centre, no. 62 (2003): 22.

should be moved up to 2003

My project is not listed on that page. Below is a description. If you 
want me to shorten it, let me know to what degree.

The Smart Controller is a portable hardware device that allows 
performers to create music using Programmable Logic Control. The device 
can be programmed remotely through the use of a Patch Editor, which is 
an independent computer application that simulates and communicates with 
the hardware. The Smart Controller responds to input control voltage and 
MIDI messages, producing output control voltage and MIDI messages 
(depending upon the patch). 

The device allows users to create musical textures and events by piecing 
virtual objects together with patch cables on the computer screen, 
similar to the way a person might join pieces from a Mechano set to 
create a truck, train, crane, ... etc.   With the Mechano set a truck 
might be created by joining metal panels with bolts, adding wheels, 
windows, motor, ... etc., which is just putting together pre-fabricated 
materials in a meaningful way to produce a desired result.  Smart 
Controller allows the user to create in a similar way by connecting 
counters, delays, metronomes, flip-flops, calculators, and other such 

The Smart Controller is a stand alone device -- a powerful, reliable, 
and compact instrument -- capable of reducing the number of electronic 
modules required, particularly the requirement of a laptop computer, in 
a live performance.

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