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Thu Aug 14 13:01:34 UTC 2003

Angelo Fraietta wrote:
> I am currently in the process on writing up my thesis and am referencing 
> the online documentation
> For example, I am looking at
>    22.8: Driver Address Table
> and would like to make just a reference in this case to the C Users 
> guide. It would seem that that the driver address table is a just a 
> chapter in this document set.


> Will these chapter numbers change in the future or are they fixed in stone?

Well I am not Moses and nothing is set in stone but they haven't changed
in years and I don't see them changing now at the Chapter level.

> Would you be able to write the chapter numbers, and sections alongside 
> the links instead of / as well as bullets so I can easily navigate to 
> the appropriate sections using the chapter and section as a reference?

I personally don't know how to make the texinfo -> html tool we are
using do this.  But the source for it is in doc/tools/texi2www so
if you want to tinker with the way it generates the top level
index.html, you are certainly welcome to do so.  It sounds like a
nice feature.

The tool already prints the section numbers on each section and
subsection so you should only be talking about the section of
code that generates the index.html.

I have edited and augmented this tool in the past and it really
isn't that hard to edit.  It is in perl and fairly straightforward.

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