Where can I find cpp0?

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Thu Aug 21 14:45:06 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 15:53, Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello,
> 	First of all I must thank Joel and Ralf for the help. After "clean" redoing 
> of everything, my last problems were solved. As my experience shows, it is 
> better to delete the build directory content before rerunning configure 
> script.
Just a comment: 

What you say is true wrt. structural changes of source trees
(Adding/Removing subdirs, Makefile.ams, configure.acs etc.)
Autoconf and automake have problems in coping with such kind of changes.

>  Deleting only config.status/log does not always help.
> 	Now, can somebody tell me where must the file cpp0 be?
# rpm -qf /opt/rtems/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-rtems/3.2.3/cpp0

>  I downloaded the 
> precompiled tools for powerpc (rtems-base, powerpc-rtems-gcc and 
> powerpc-rtems-c++) on Linux. But when the build process came to librtems++ it 
> said:
> powerpc-rtems-g++: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0': No such file or 
> directory
> gmake[3]: *** [o-debug/rtemsEvent.o] Error 1

This is a gcc internal file and is supposed to be found automatically
when calling powerpc-rtems-g++. If it doesn't, this would indicate a bug
in gcc.

You may want to check powerpc-rtems/c/<BSP>/librtems++/config.log for
details about what may go wrong.


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