Heap Allocation problem

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Aug 26 15:35:11 UTC 2003

Cedric Aubert wrote:

> Hi
> I have solve my problem by have more memory in the
> workspace area. I don't understand why because the
> efi68k (same cpu) have the same size than my board.

The memory allocation to heap and rtems workspace is
done (on m68k BSPs) based upon some variables in the
linkcmds if you have used the shared bsp_pretasking_hook
like most of the m68k BSPs.  If you don't get those
variables right, then your RAM is not properly reflected
into the heap size, etc.

> But now I have some trouble in function 
> rtems_io_register_name. I don't really understand
> how termio works but I will take a closer look. :-)

It could ahve run out of memory.  What test are you
debugging with?

> A general question does it mandatory to have a imfs 
> with rtems ?

If you use the console device, then yes it is mandatory
to have the miniIMFS or IMFS.  The miniIMFS provides
device node support.  RTEMS uses device nodes like
UNIX and that requires a minimal filesystem.

> Thanks a lot
> Cedric
> PS : Does anyone known some french firm that have
> RTEMS support for customer like me :-) ??

I know of people who would take RTEMS consulting work in
France but for support in the traditional sense, I think
OAR is the only one offering it.

For consulting that involves more on-site development, OAR
has some standing arrangements with people in other parts
of the world.


> --- Cedric Aubert <cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>>I am doing a BSP for a 68k board and I have some
>>in the _Heap_Allocate function. My board go to
>>Internal_Error_Occured fucntion.
>>In fact in _Workspace_Allocate_or_fatal_error 
>>called by User_extensions_Handler_initilisation() 
>>called by rtems_initialize_executive_early(), the 
>>function Internal_Error_Occured is call because
>>_Heap_Allocate return NULL. It's seem to be the
>>second return NULL of this function. I don't
>>Does anyone have had a similar problem during
>>coding a BSP ????
>>Thanks a lot
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