a strange problem with rtems_io_register_name

Stan zylog at club-internet.fr
Fri Aug 29 09:24:34 UTC 2003

> Can't you make it bigger than that?  I would rather see something
> like 64K until you know that low memory isn't an issue.

I tryed to change _HeapSize in linkcmds with 0x10000 and 0x0.
RTEMS_Malloc_Initialize don't fail.
With _HeapSize=0, rtems allocate 448Ko for heap.

> >>This should be one of the first attempts to malloc
> >>memory in the boot sequence.
> > 
> > 
> > In that case, why mknod don't failed in main task ?
> This runs before the first task.

If mknod fail in the boot sequence, why don't fail after ?
Reverse it stands to reason.

> > How to check simply the filesystem for remove this ambiguity ?
> I suppose it could do something more specific with the error
> returned by mknod().  Suggestions welcomed.

Has anybody used the mcf5206elite bsp (on latest ss-20030703) ?
I have other custom bsp based upon efi68k on this latest;
It work properly ...

I don't how to solve this problem :(

Stan, sad.

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